Rolling shutters


In our offer you can choose between standard and external blinds. That can be installed on already installed windows without regard to the material (wood, plastic materials and aluminum). We blinds and shutters. Interior shutters are installed together with the window. External mounted on the outside of the window where the box. They are also used in situations where the old wooden windows already have space for a box blinds. Or when building new houses need to reserve the space for the box so as not to reduce the height of the window.
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Rolling shutters are the best protection against prying eyes, sun and cold.

We offer blades made of aluminum and plastic in different colors. Blinds can withdraw with a wrist automata (tape) cranks and motors with a switch or remote control.

Sam window without blinds half the job is finished. Anyone who wants to protect his house from the weather, burglary or noisy neighborhood decide to install blinds within the window.

Shutters are built from PVC, aluminum and tin boxes and guides with aluminum or PVC curtains (lamella) filled with polyurethane insulation.
Blinds holds the brush to enable better sealing and less noise when raising and lowering. The inner lid of the box allows quick and easy maintenance.