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We offer assembly, disassembly and manufacturing PVC and aluminum windows, doors and building tinker

For the past 20 years, "NS METAL MONT" there for one purpose and that is - a satisfied customer. This is achieved by constantly improving knowledge and gain experience in the manufacture, sale and installation of PVC and aluminum joinery. We follow world trends in the field of carpentry, we invest in the modernization of production capacities with the aim of increasing productivity and quality, as the end users of our service means the best investment / obtained relationship, ie. maximum quality at a competitive price. The recommendations of satisfied customers are our best advertisement.





PVC to a significantly greater extent, saves energy in your home, if we compare with the doors and windows,

which means that you will much easier to maintain the desired temperature with less energy costs for

heating or cooling.



Aluminum windows, aluminum windows abbreviated, is the right choice when you need to cover large

the surface of the objects, and because of its strength and light weight.


Metal works

We are building all locksmith elements, prefabricated structures, gates, fences, and various steel structures.


Building tinker

In addition to the production and installation of new sheet metal - working and repairing old metalware,

maintenance of roofs (buildings, office buildings, houses ...)


Prefabricated buildings

We are building all types of prefabricated buildings.

We work and turn key system, which means that you make a building that is vacant.