Aluminium Joinery

Aluminium joinery has excellent technical characteristics. It is very stable and easy to maintain and is rightly considered to be the first choice when deciding on the installation of joinery. It is also aesthetically attractive. It is often used by architects in the development of modern facades. Because of price / quality aluminum windows used in most new buildings.

One should know that over 40% of heat loss facility happening right through the windows and doors. Which is much larger than the losses through the walls. With this in mind carpenter with his superior technical characteristics imposes an extremely efficient solution that significantly increases energy efficient growth of each object.

High-quality aluminum profiles and Low-E glass in combination with argon gas filling ALU system that helps improve the thermal insulation of up to 40%. For the most demanding customers, we have a system with decimation, ultra low coefficient of heat transmission (K coefficient) of only 0.8 W / m2K!

Thanks to these technical features that provide our aluminum windows and doors leads to large savings in heating the cottage in winter or cooling in years. It is therefore not surprising that civil engineers and architects as the first and most important step in the thermal envelope of the building administration proposed replacement windows as the most effective long-term solution.

Aluminium joinery has excellent heat and sound insulation. Exempt the firm and has excellent structural stability of the installed elements.

For those who want a natural touch to your home. We alloyed windows on the inside with wood. This combines a completely natural look that gives the wood a very good technical characteristics. Also provided by aluminum. Aluminum-wood profile can be found in the natural colors of wood. Such as beech, oak or cherry.