Prefabricated Buildings


Prefabricated buildings – Creating custom (Custom Made)

NS Metal Mont addition to the standard production of prefabricated structures, and specializes in the production of CUSTOM MADE (Made to measure) production. Ask for your individual design of the facility, equipment, materials, etc … and we will advise you about the project and offer a solution through technical descriptions and the best price.

NS Metal Mont categorization prefabricated buildings

containers – office, warehouse, housing, telecommunications, technical, FLAT PACK, sanitary
PREMIUM prefabricated buildings – buildings of high quality production with a high degree of thermal insulation and vatrootrpornosti
Public toilets – automatic and classical
kiosks – fast food, souvenirs, Carpentry, etc …
concierge – control inputs / outputs, billing, etc …
booths – souvenirs, miscellaneous goods, etc …
garage for cars – dimensions on request
cabins for smokers – the internal and external cabins for smokers according to EU legislation
Under prefabricated – prefabricated buildings mean objects that are completed or largely completed in our factory. Diversity is present in the shapes, dimensions, technical solutions and the materials from which they are produced. NS Metal Mont used in the production of stainless steel, aluminum, plastic coated steel or painted steel. For decorative assemblies for use copper roofs and gutters, coupe, marble, tiles, polycarbonate and versatile glass.

The quality of the product structure guarantees longevity of the product and justifies investment. Functionalities are given special attention in order to maximize the available space and provide maximum surface area.

Key in hands

NS Mont Metal can provide all services in delivery and building and therefore under turnkey, which means a complete production facility with windows, doors, and other elements that is ready to move.