Building tinker


In addition to high-quality production and installation of metal sheet, the products that we offer includes:

  • gutters
  • round, square, pentagonal
  • pipe (vertical)
  • Gully
  • wind- molding
  • bays
  • parapet
  • ridges sheet
  • snow barriers
  • hooks
  • clamps
  • Vinkl
  • finery
  • boilers (kettles)
  • ventilation
  • flower pots
  • chimney flashing
  • chimney caps
  • canopy on the terrace and windows
  • baking pans and pans for roasting pigs
  • as well as all other elements according to your requirements and specifications.

They are manufactured from:

  • galvanized sheet
  • galvanized steel (powder-coated)
  • copper sheet
  • stainless steel sheet
  • titan zinc sheet

Natural roofing, industrial hall with:

  • trapezoidal sheet
  • sheet in the form of tiles
  • TERMOPANEL sheets

All of the above services as those products perform, deliver and install successfully and to the satisfaction of all clients for 25 years, which is the basic indicator of our quality work and also guarantee that quality.